Do I need to set goals? Part-1.

I am sick and tired of achieving success and all that Fxxx bullshit. Excuse my French!

I choose to have 2011 as a year of no goals and no new-year resolutions. Almighty! would you please help me here ?  It is ok to just live, be happy and at peace where’er you are you know 🙂 I am just going to chill, take one day at a time, watch and appreciate all other achievers around me.

A while ago a friend from India called me. She said your younger one is in full-day school and now it is time for you to focus and achieve. What for? What is achievement? I would rather spend some time, a few years just thinking about….how to work just Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, eight hours a day, and twenty-four hours a week make about 20 Ml and retire. Well! John McCain said to be wealthy and comfortable one must have 5 ml. I am going to live the next eighty years  and witness fantastic changes in technology. It makes some sort of sense to make  20 Ml and retire for a simple life.

How do we do this? Do you have any ideas? I am a bit of obsessive compulsive and nerdy person.  More over  I have been lucky so far to make all my dreams/goals come true. It actually scares the hell out of me to make new goals. I get so consumed by the goal I lose myself in the process.

I want to work just about 24 hours a week and spend rest of the time with my family, reading, learning something new. Well! My monkey brain ( Radhika) sort of needs it. It lives and thrives by reading and learning something new. Just as much as myself (Radha) loving solitude and meditation. I am not sure if i have found a way to balance between the two yet!


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