Navavarṣasya śubhāśayāḥ! Happy New Year!

Beyond the point where the rivers
End and the mountains vanish
You have kept on walking
Originally the treasure lies
Just under one’s feet
You made the mistake of thinking
That now you would be able
To retire in peace
Look: in your own hut the
Meditation mat has never been warm. – Muso Soseki.

2001: Got “Sidhayoga deekasha” ..not sure if I want to be a yogi….well! I can just try …meditate for sure… get out of the country. Loved reading “You can heal your life” Louise Hay from NZ library….perfect timing. I realize I seem to enjoy and love meditation 🙂

2002: Eat, Pry, Play and love an American 🙂 Live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it. I love meditation 🙂

2003: Extended eat, pray, play and love an American. If Puranam becomes Bauerle then Wes becomes Venkat. Wes liked his Indian name as much as he likes butter chicken. Live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it. I love meditation 🙂

2004: To have a baby or not to have a baby….to go to America or not to go to America…. I sure love meditation 🙂

2005: Stay home, be Mom, love the baby. See California. eat American, live American, sleep American, wake up American 🙂 I love meditation 🙂. I realize now if you put me in Alaska or North Pole make me eat just raw fish, I will do all that and still love meditation.

2006: Where did my career ambition go? Got a copy of “The seven spiritual laws of success”  again… to re read…live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it. I enjoy and love meditation 🙂

2007: Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of now”, live in the moment is amazing, blissful…will practice till the end… We live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it. I love meditation I am very sure of it..i guess 🙂

2008:  Go with the flow…live in the moment…. Loved reading “I am that” by Nisargadatta Maharaj again… We still live summer’s on the beach, because my boys love it. I guess one thing i will always  love and enjoy is…you guessed it right  “meditation” 🙂

2009: Recession, This year is amazing! A whole bunch of miracles! I never realized how blessed I am to have these amazing wonderful friends. Almighty! do you hear me? please bless all my friends, family and well wishers. Abraham Hicks “the law of attraction” is amazing…. live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it, now this is family tradition i guess….. I love my meditation time 🙂

2010: Recession still… blessed to work with some amazing, wonderful people. Himmi goes to Berkeley. Loved reading “Zen mind Beginner’s mind” a whole bunch of times…. Live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it….I admit I really  love meditation 🙂

2011: Where to from here?.No goals…go with the flow…live in the moment…make peace with the moment…have an ordinary day (I love Zen philosophy) looking forward to live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it, it’s a family tradition now 🙂 I am meditation and meditation is me we are inseparable now and so I love meditation.

Wait! I am not done yet!…take just few  moments, close your eyes…just relax…breath…. forgive everyone that hurt you, might have hurt, forgive them truly with your heart…let it go… Pry ask everyone for forgiveness…It feels wonderful, clean, clear….Doesn’t it? feels fresh…feels amazing…Now we are ready to bless every one with all the things that we want  in life…So bless every one with pure, divine  love in heart, to have  peace, prosperity, wealth, riches,love, joy, health, happiness, harmony, balance and bless in ever-increasing abundance! A very Happy New year 2011 Folks!Have a Happy Meditation day!

Love & Peace,


Precious Zen moments…

Happy Holidays every one! I look forward to holidays and spending quality time with my family at this time of the year, like everyone else. Reading books is one of the things my older son and I enjoy. We enjoy talking about books.  He recommends books to me to read and I do the same to him. The other day we decided to go thrift store shopping for books. I buy a lot of books at Goodwill now.  I keep them for a period of time; take my own time to read. I then donate them back to Goodwill. I am trying to get into the habit of recycling, getting into the habit of minimalist I suppose. In the beginning I had hard time parting with my book collection. And now I am a bit obsessed over becoming a clutter free, minimalist.

Anyways recently my son and I enjoyed a long afternoon driving around, finding books and just talking. He noticed that some of the books I am buying and collecting are for my little fellow. I am trying to get my younger son into the habit of reading. As my older son remembers it, one of the teaching techniques I follow is simple role play. He is the teacher and I am the student. We come up with a fixed schedule to read every day and stick to it. He would be reading a book aloud and I sit there listening and asking questions.  I am glad he remembers the times we spent together reading. And now, for the year 2011, I am going to use the same teaching technique with my younger son. My little one and I are going to enjoy quality time together by getting into the habit of reading, writing, learning, sharing techniques in learning, scheming and envisioning what we want to be, to do in future.

Turn off the noise of world around you for an hour every day. Turn of all electronics, TV’s, computers, mobiles; stop all the distractions just sit down with your child and focus on reading, talking and playing. Have Zen moments everyday with your child because he is a precious being and needs your full complete attention.

“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”-Zen Proverb.

The Fantasy lights Holiday Train.

Happy holidays everyone! We had a fascinating day for my younger son recently. We love outdoors, thrill and adventure. We love trains, we love Thomas the tank engine and we love our favorite train engine Billy Jones at Vasona Park.

The other day we went there on a morning and we got a pleasant surprise. There was an Angel “George” happens to be very kind to give us one of its kind guided tour. We enjoyed looking and learning more about all the engines at the yard. None of the presents we got for Christmas were as thrilling and fun as getting to see real engine yard, checking the engines, feeling like an Engineer to fix trains and ringing the bell for a real engine like Billy Jones. We marveled the engines, some were built way back  in 1920’s.

We took George’s advice to go back later in the night, to go on wonderful fantasy lights holiday train. It was so beautiful and magical. Here is a link, to learn some more on Billy Jones”

It feels amazing to have five-year old friend. It just feels so awesome when he tells you “you are his best friend’. We can’t wait for the New Year; it’s going to be so much fun ……more surprise adventures to look forward to…Happy Holidays once again! Enjoy! Have fun!

We all want instant success…Social Pressure. Part -3.

1)      Focus on getting healthy and keeping fit and not on losing weight. So talk to everyone around you on eating healthy, working out and getting fit. Read interesting well written books on the topic. I am currently reading “French Women Don’t get Fat” by Mireille Guiliani.

2)      You can choose to have smaller meals. Portion size matters.

3)      Do not eat anything in between the meals. You can have a cup of green tea. Simply refuse to snack if you are offered.

4)       Be very consistent on 10-20 minutes meditation a day to begin with and be absolutely resilient about working out for half an hour every day.

5) make a promise to  yourself, not to criticize yourself. Do not beat yourself up. If you fail for a day or two or a week. Do not make fun of yourself, do not belittle yourself. Be very kind, loving, sensitive, tender and caring to yourself. Treat yourself just the way you treat your five-year old son. You love him, hug him, give him one hundred and ten good night kisses and if he wants one hundred and thirteen or twenty-three, you just do it. Don’t you?  What I am trying to say here is be extraordinarily kind, patient and loving to you. Treat yourself like a gentle, cute little baby. This is one of the keys to be successful in forming new habits. Apart from Positive thinking and  positive attitude, being kind to self matters.

To be continued…

We all want instant success…Social Pressure. Part -2.

I like the way Bruce Lee said “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine”.  Getting into size two will never be my goal. My goal is to get very healthy, maintain healthy weight and be energetic during the day.  As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I figured a way to maintain healthy body weight. We all want an instant success; I have got to tell you, there is no such a thing as instant success in getting back into shape. What I mention below works for me, took me three years, to gradually get back to my normal body also loosing almost 30 pounds. The sure thing is, almost flat tummy is achievable even after a couple of C- section surgeries and there is hope if you are kind and patient with yourself. Just be focused, be persistent in your goal to achieve and maintain desirable healthy body weight.

1) Do not make this as New Year resolution. The reason is simply because the pressure of failure makes you quit.

2) It works better if you consider this as forming a few new healthy habits and not as a single goal for weight loss.

3)  I mentioned habits because a lot of existing habits need to be modified or completely changed in the process. Things such as watching what you eat, mastering how to say an assertive “no” gently and politely, working out for half an hour every day, to name a few.

4) Please do not have more than one personal goal. One step at a time. If your new goal is to learn to Salsa dance then you cannot be learning yoga, knitting, becoming vegan and a whole bunch of other stuff at the same time. That would just overwhelm me and I would lose control of one main purpose.The one new habit that we want to focus upon and acquire is maintaining good shape and a healthy body-weight.

5) Do not check your weight every month, check every 6 months. Get rid of the scale.

To be continued….

The art of chilling out starts with Meditation. Part-11.


What do you want for Christmas? My five-year old asked this morning.

Ans: A hug.

What present do you want for Christmas?

Ans:A kiss. toys do you want mom?

Ans: I already have two toys one is happiness

Now he  interrupted and said the other is joy, light of your life…I am not talking about that… 🙂

I said I guess I must be special I have it all..I don’t see the need to want something for Christmas….

Wait a minute  I must be getting old, ancient 🙂

For some reason Marcus Aurelius quote “confine yourself to the present” flashed in my mind. Have you heard of his book “Meditations”? It must be the first self-help sort of book I suppose. Here is something that I like from the book “All things fade into the storied past, and in a little while are shrouded in oblivion. Even to men whose lives were a blaze of glory this comes to pass; as to the rest, the breath is hardly out of them before, in Homer’s words, they are ‘lost to sight alike and hearsay’…To what, then, must we aspire? This, and this alone: the just thought, the unselfish act, the tongue that utters no falsehood, the temper that greets each passing event as something predestined, expected, and emanating from the One source and origin.

Have a happy meditation day folks!

Three things for “Happiness”

Have you figured what makes you happy? Below are the three things that help me

1) Solitude, a solitary walk in nature precisely;

2) Meditation.

3) Snow filled Rocky Mountains. I am so drawn to the Snow Mountains.

Bruce Lee said “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water”. Make time to meet your inner self and say Hello. He/she/It is so loving, gentle, confident and kind. Go deep within and touch it. The feeling/no feeling  of beyond calm. It is just there. You don’t crave for company anymore, you don’t feel lonely ever again; you don’t feel or want happiness anymore.

We took a trip to Mount Lassen a few years ago. We were up somewhere at the top, my fellow companions took a hike; leaving me at a large snow filled, flat area. My partner understands there is a bit of a weird hermit, inside me, loves to be left completely alone, sometimes.  I stud there, leaning on a rock. I said I will watch them as they climb. Inside me there was something happening, or may be nothing happened, maybe it was my imagination. It was beyond happiness, beyond joy, beyond ecstasy, I thought for a second may be I am dead still, but I am not, since everything around me is very clear, my body can feel the gentle cold breeze, maybe I am still attached to the body with a tiny string, may be not, maybe just looking at the body, staring at it. There is this calmness, beyond calmness, maybe oneness, may be beyond that, it doesn’t really matter, nothing matters, here I was, was I not, Is this the answer I am looking for all these years, all my life. Death does not matter anymore, nothing matter what ever this is I can’t really put it in words. Am I hallucinating? but I don’t do drugs, all I had that morning was a cup of coffee, and my mind still feels very clear, didn’t want to question what this is anymore, this thing or nothing I am in, god/no god, space/no space. This is enough. This answers to my quest, this is not even silence, this is the answer /no answer and this is beyond silence.

How long? I don’t know. Does it really matter?  Until I heard my partner say “Are you ok Radha? You must be cold. Do you want my Jacket?  I simply said “I am hungry”.  I know it’s been a long day and it took us a while, to get back from the hike said my companion. I said nothing much, got up ready to leave keeping this feeling of beyond anything/nothing at all to myself. He’s gotten used to my quietness for some time now, just didn’t talk anymore. I do not like to label this as some “experience” even for fun. Yogi, guru, yoga, these words are so much used and often so misused in regular English, I thought I would rather just keep this experience/no significant experience to myself than label it in any way.. .. Happy meditation folks! I wish you all, Happiness, Joy and beyond.

“Why do we meditate? We meditate precisely because this world of ours has disappointed us and because failure looms large in our day-to-day life. We want fulfillment. We want joy, peace, bliss and perfection within and without. Meditation is the answer, the only answer” –  Sri Chinmoy.

Share with me what made you smile today? December 10th 2010.

1)      Lol, a hilarious day. My cousin started it with a Mr. Bean’s picture on Face book. We ended up watching a bunch of Mr Bean videos, just laughing and having so much fun today!

2)      Growing up with big brothers teaches wonderful things to handle life. One of those is to take things easy and the other one is to laugh at silly, stupid jokes and enjoy. I have so much fun with my boys right now.

3)      lol, laughing all day long, check this out.

4)      Leaving silly messages to my friends on Face book is so much fun 🙂

5)      Today is one of those best days 🙂

6)      I think I am very close to finding “Happiness” in small and silly things. I am almost close to ultimate Nirvana. Wait a minute I think I found Nirvana.   Just kidding 🙂

7)      Astrix and Obelix comics.

8)      Painting on the computer with my son. We take turns to paint and I ruin it, he fixes it. He can use paint better than me J having a five-year old around is the ultimate fun.

9)      Getting out for lunch and some cool fun with a friend.

10)   I am showered by affection from my little guy because I got a tiny cut one of my fingers. He said “ It’s ok don’t worry, it was an  accident, mammy’s need to be very careful ,not to cut their cute little fingers, he went and got a band-aid, gave me thirteen kisses and said rest and do not get out of bed. Life is beautiful. Thank you Almighty! And all my guardian Angels!

This is one of those nice and easy days. Dear reader share with me what made you smile today.


Resilience is common strength, among us mothers. We fight a good fight for survival. My son calls me a feminist, I tell him not to label me I am just another humanist, struggling for my survival. I am emotional by nature; often find myself walking on a tight rope watching India from one side and USA on the other side. I am sure this is the case for most of us, Desi Indians, emigrated to US.

This week we lost a wonderful mother, a resilient spirit, Elizabeth Edwards. It was in news worldwide, bringing awareness on her struggle with Cancer, loss of son and other  significant events in her life. Motherhood is universal. All mothers out there, we meet, start a conversation and hit the ground within few minutes. We talk about our children and exchange tips and tricks on parenting. And so I talked about of Elizabeth Edwards, to all I met. You can read more about her here.

You see I am a girl from a small and ordinary townGadwal”,  India, 509125.   My  heart  aches, I cry and mourn, silently at the lose  my American role Model, resilient  mother Elizabeth Edwards,  I cry with a similar heart ache, for all those  resilient mothers, women, sisters, in today’s case unwanted widow’s of “Vrindavan” in India. The only difference, I am in a better situation today is because of the strength of my mother, persuading me to continue my education for a better life and my Grandmother enduring hardship to raise her children, to provide education and support. Most of us Desi’s have these common stories to look back. These are ordinary stories, simple stories of true leadership. Our mothers, our parents, have endured turbulent times, times of hardship with shear inner strength. Their love for the children is extraordinary. There are extraordinary stories of “Resilience” behind every ordinary H1b Immigrant, these need to be shared, in order to answer often asked questions; why does one finds older parents walking along with younger Indians at the great Mall all the time?

All these ordinary women and famous women and we mothers have a common strength” Resilience”. To -day’s blog is in honor of all those mothers, fathers,committed parents,  that truly sacrifice their lives, overcome obstacles by the power of Resilience.


Namaste! I thought I will have two subscribers to this Desi blog one would be my best friend and the other would be my brother. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! as Swami Vevekananda rightly said”Sisters and Brothers of America“, to all the others 50 ( Fifty ) and more Desi, American, Indian, world citizens visiting my blog every day. This is wonderful, exciting and truly encouraging 🙂

Love & Peace,