Share with me what made you smile today? November 26th 2010.

A very relaxed day! Here is a list of few things that made me smile today. Dear Reader! Share with me what made you smile today?

1)     Sleeping longer is fun 🙂

2)     Still in bed thinking how do I kick-start my day with fun?

3)     Solitude. I love solitude 🙂 Thank God! as I understand now if we can enjoy solitude we don’t ever have the problem of being lonely and miserable.

4)     Lots of smiles exchanged. We had a good time on Los Gato’s creek trial walk 🙂

5)      Part of the afternoon is spent in “The Island of Sodor” with Thomas and friends 🙂

6)      Enjoying a perfect Friday 🙂 I have no interest in black Friday.

7)      I want a simple, clear clutter free, Zen life 🙂 Check this out:

8)      I am so relaxed. My older son said “Mom you are lazy today. I agree I tend to become lazy once in a while when he is around 🙂

9)      Afternoon nap feels so good 🙂

10)   What would be my three goals for 2011?

Share with me what made you smile today? Where is your list?



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