Summer times and singing Lullaby.

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.  A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.  – Sophia Loren, so true indeed.
Folks! I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to have Bruce Lee aka my nineteen year old teenager back home with me for the summer. Of course he walks upside down on his hands and almost every day asks me to feel the muscles in his arms. I will get into trouble if I say he is stick thin and needs to eat more,  gain some weight. He helps around the house a lot, makes me an excellent cup of coffee. I am not kidding I have got one heck of a “good son” and I am very proud of him. I am going to enjoy his company the next few months. What can I say; I am just “HAPPY”.

The other night my little one asked me if i could sing a song to him to go to sleep. We have a nightly ritual. He takes almost an hour to talk, get a little massage, toss and turn to fall asleep. I don’t sing to him every night anymore  but he asked me to sing on that night and so I did. And guess who get to finish the song? Of course it is Johnny himself. Instead of falling asleep he started singing with me. He makes up his own songs and so he was singing a lengthy song  “la la lullaby to all the children in India and to my mammy” etc . Nope I did not talk about India at all that night. He himself started singing lullaby to all the children in India and America. We corrected ourselves and said we got love and lullaby to all the children of the world and the universe.  And so there is “JOY”. I am glad I am blessed with two wonderful and loving souls. I am content and at ease with Life.

Oh’ the joy of meditation 🙂 and life with my boys. Wes is right, he says, when I have these two with me I forget the rest of the world which includes him as well ha ha 🙂  I am having fun. I never  thought I would enjoy so much as being a mom. The small and tiny moments of life as a parent can be so joyful if only we breath and take a moment and be more present. How I wish I could stay in the present moment more often.  As Stephen Covey says we get to choose every moment of life if we remember small tiny moments, bits and pieces that bring back smiles more often. The choice is always ours…Yah! you are hearing this from an eternal optimist. I would rather be an optimist choose happy thoughts, be a dreamer than watch fox news and feel the pains of real world.  The one time I get a bit sad,  rational Wesley for a change tells me to think positive and optimistic thoughts. I like that. He knows exactly what to say to me when i am down and sad to cheer me up. To be honest I don’t really know if I am capable of loving anyone but all I can say is I really, really care very deeply about Wesley and his idealism. His utter, blunt honesty with me even if it gives him trouble. I respect him for being so clear and honest with me. Even though sometimes it drives me crazy and I tell him he does not have to tell me all his crazy thoughts. You know what I mean lol ha ha 🙂 Anyways Americans are very interesting and nice people.

Alright now. If you want to know one of our favorite Lullabies here it is .

I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. –Abraham Lincoln.


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