Time to de-stress…

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

Ludwig van Beethoven.

Well! of course there is meditation and then there is music. I love both.  When I am  feeling  blues  it is not always easy to sit still and breath. I forget. But then there is music I can listen to that can cheer me up. Of course I borrowed the idea from “The Secret movie”.  I sort of made up my mind to keep myself cheerful and peaceful all the time no matter what goes on around me. Lately the one song by Adele is just played everywhere on the radio and gets me into exciting mood. It brings me right back to present moment.

Here is the song by “Adele” for you.

And of course there is my favorite classical music radio station KDFC 89.9 FM  to cheer me up with some lovely music. You can listen to it on the internet. I just love this radio station. Check it out.



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