The art of chillingout starts with Meditation – Part 6.

I was talking to my friend recently on what else? but meditation practice. I volunteered to practice with her over the weekends to get to the routine of meditation for the next few days. I am not a teacher in meditation I would rather be like a buddy, a friend in the process. I also do not wish to get too much attached to any particular individual, Guru, organization or such. I want to keep meditation as simple as I can to the core. The essence of meditation is making space, being fully present in the space, void, and gap between the thoughts. I want to focus on observing breath in and out essentially, gradually to bring me into the space.  For some reason I find it is easier for me to do this after a good night sleep, feeling fresh in the morning when my mind is already calmer and quieter and it makes it easier for me to  meditate, so i practice it in the morning if you can practice it in the evening so be it. Finding a comfortable posture/ position is very important.  The meditation cushion and pillow Zabuton and Zafu provide me this comfort to sit still in meditation for 2-3 hours at a stretch during weekends. Earlier I had hard time to sit on the hard floor or carpet for long hours until I found the comfort of Zabuton and Zafu. Here I have to mention a big thanks to my dear friend for introducing me to San Francisco Zen Center. I bought my Zafu and Zabuton from there. Anyways later I found out that we could order Zabuton and Zafu through online yoga essential stores as well.

I also do not like to attach any mantra, any other rituals around it. Neither I am against or pro to any meditation practice or yoga practice. I do not want to call any practice more superior than any other practice either. I do not like to follow any particular deity or guru and keep all my faith in him/her. This mind of mine is very tricky and cunning it will take every opportunity to side track the essence of meditation practice, the practice of mindfulness. It is also essential and easier for people coming from different religious faith. Almost all of my friends that I now help practice meditation are raised by Christian faith by the way. And I am definitely not here to change the essence of who they are.

The other simple benefit I noticed by meditation practice is clutter free life. Life becomes so simple and easy. I no longer want or need many things in order for me to feel happy and content. I am much happier when I can get rid of all unwanted junk around and make space. Have a Happy meditation day folks!

To be continued…

Some people like my advice so much that they frame it upon the wall instead of using it.

-Gordon R. Dickson.


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