The art of chillingout starts with Meditation Part – 5.

I didn’t know that writing a blog on meditation would hardly take ten minutes of my time otherwise I would have started writing a long time ago. One of the reasons I wasn’t sure about writing was I don’t like to be sidetracked from my priorities, my passion and my purpose. I have got just about two priorities in life the moment I add just one more I feel over whelmed. The number one is work and the number two is family/parenting. I can see a huge difference in my energy, focus, passion, attention when I do my regular meditation and when I don’t when trying to manage my two priorities. I often find working on a regular job is much easier than being a  parent since parenting is always never ending.

First and foremost in a regular job if you can focus for the 8-10 hours during the day you are done and of course you are part of the team which is responsible for the project. Parenting can be never-ending, exhausting and often very demanding of your time, energy, effort and focus. Like for example my five-year old and I are reading at about 6pm “rumble in the Jungle” we finish and he says with hyper energetic voice let’s read it again, ok so we read it again then he says wait a minute we forgot to read your favorite story book “Dog in the fog” so we read and we continue to take a play break and read more books, same books until almost 8.30pm until when he finally yawns.  It would have been impossible and exhausting for me to be calm, patient and read word after work with him because he reads his book and I just have to help when he is stuck with a word but i can’t look away for a second can I ? I do believe meditation helps me to be much calmer, gives me more patience, with the people around me.

Well! It wasn’t easy to get the routine of half an hour to an hour meditation in the morning. I remember the first few times when i sat down to meditate I felt a bunch of random excuses why i need to stop doing it an just get up and go do something else.  Some of the  excuses were;I felt either my tummy rumbles with hunger pangs,  I felt so thirsty or I just felt like I needed a cup of coffee first, I my eyes are shutting off or I just got to get back to bed or it is windy and freezing cold outside, well it was always freezing cold outside in New Zealnd anyways. When i try to meditate my mind raced with all kind of random thoughts so fast when I open my eyes to check the time it was hardly five minutes and here I was surprised and thinking my God! how can so many random thoughts can rush through my mind so fast when all I needed to do at this minute is calm my mind. Well! If you are a beginner in meditation like me and want to share your thought you are very welcome to share.

Now you may ask is this all trouble to sit still for 20 minutes worth it ? I would say yes! definitely. Here is what I found on the web. Someone was kind enough to write one hundred benefits of meditation. Here is the link, check it out.

To be continued….

“In the end, just three things matter:

How well we have lived

How well we have loved

How well we have learned to let go”

— Jack Kornfield


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