Mom, what’s the Plan?
Mom: plan is complete five Salesforce certifications in the next two years.
Mom, weekend plan?
Oh’ yes! On Saturday get up at 4am and do three hours study with my study buddy from east coast.
Mom, you are awesome! What about fun?
Mom: I am just an immigrant, fun would be, hopefully i become a Salesforce developer in two years?  dreaming Salesforce career, singing “ Tuje Dekha to ye Jana sanam” pretty much every day, to make sure you don’t forget your Indian parent, Jonathan. 

Note: For a California kid use reverse psychology. Every time he talks about video games, discord chats, antique telephones and cars, every time I talk about exam fever, failed test, study buddy, breaks in my career, and singing songs in several Indian languages to add to the confusion( singing is stress release).Picture of my two boys, my right eye and my left eye, my heart, my world.
— “Himmi & Johnny’s Mom”, wannabes Junior Salesforce Developer. 



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