It has been a month since Tiger passed away. No, I have not cried yet. I feel dry, weird, lump, stuck, angry, annoyed, mad and nothing, sorta empty, when I am alone, I have the time to think about Tiger. My big brother, the first one, Tiger, the dashing, intelligent, smart big brother we all the rest of the siblings adored. We have always looked up to him, wanted to be just like him, while growing up. I am also mad at my self right now. So, is that it? I just forget like nothing happened and get on with my life? or go back down my memory line and try to remember all the good memories and bury the bad once? After my Mum and Dad, Tiger and his wife, whom I dearly call Vadina, had the single most influence on me. Because I grew up with them. Here are the few things that come to my mind.

  1. Tiger was a perfectionist.
  2. Tiger introduced me to Telecommunications, HAM radio.
  3. Tiger also introduced me to Computers.
  4. Tiger introduced me to Basketball.
  5. Tiger introduced me to Engineering, JNTU.
  6. Tiger introduced me all the Hollywood movies.
  7. Tiger taught me multiplication tables, with terror, when I was a little girl, no excuses you have got to memorize them, period, end of discussion.
  8. Tiger encouraged me to DREAM. Tiger knew I was a dreamer and encouraged me to be me.
  9. Tiger was an extremely responsible big brother a little sister can have.
  10. Tiger loved his family, very much.

Enough for today……..I love Tiger, and he is going to be missed.



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