30 days of Gratitude – Day: 1



Ten things I am grateful for today.

1) My daily meditation practice from 20 mints to 2:30 hours. For some reason i haven’t been able to sit still for 3 hours straight. 

2) My Jeep Wrangler.

3) My two teachers, my two boys, Himmi and Johnny that make me try harder to be a better person, make me learn something new every day.

4) Vasona Park, Los gatos creek trail.

5) Silicon Valley, the number of awesome opportunities that are available here.

6) California, for it’s awesome weather all year around.

7) Scenic Pacific coast Highway California state route 1. I can never get tired of the coast.

8) Blossom Hills Elementary, Los Gatos, one of the best schools around here.

9) Living in Los Gatos, everyone around are very friendly, helpful, kind, professional, amazing and awesome. I love my neighbors.

10) United States of America. The best country for women of Indian origin to live, work, grow and thrive in their career. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you God! Almighty! for my amazing fantastic life. Thank you so much!!



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