I quit Facebook 3/2/2013

“I will not be available via Facebook from this point on as I am deleting my Facebook account.”

“I can be contacted at radhikabauerle@gmail.com.

“Please delete any data in your Facebook account that involves me. This includes conversations we’ve had and photos of me that you can part with.”

“Please respect my privacy and avoid posting anything in future that personally identifies me.”

“Thank you.”


One thought on “I quit Facebook 3/2/2013

  1. I understand completely why you and possibly I have or will want to quit Facebook.It causes many problems for many people.At the moment I have a band who have posted their track as if it is my profile music.It is quite good music but the band are taking advantage of my and other people’ s good nature just to cynically promote themselves.I will do my best to delete all traces of your comments but as I’m as novice at computers you or someone else may have to advise me how to go about it.I hope you live long and prosper and keep believing your own wise words.

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