Natural Bridges State Beach

It was just peaceful and relaxing to spend the evening with my family at Natural Bridges state beach. I love California.

About radhikabauerle

I love being me. I cherish my personal freedom, independence, self-respect, love and affection from my two boys, close friends and family. I am loving lovable and loved :-) What Excites me, motivates me and keeps me going? Humanity, new developments in science and technology, sales, business development, attending trade shows, learning, networking, traveling, meeting new people, reading biographies, life, change, challenges, writing my blog, having fun @ work, having fun with my family and friends, having fun in whatever I do, meditation, working out, yoga, nature, long walks on the beach, pets, gardening, vegetarianism, holistic healthy living.
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4 Responses to Natural Bridges State Beach

  1. Beautiful photos, I can see why you love it there.

  2. I love how blue the sky is in your photos! And, I’ve nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award!

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