Art vs Capitalism


 Art vs Capitalism = Live long vs Heart attack

Well! The title says it all. To all those computer nerds out there, every day  make time for Art please. The best gift we can give to our children is just being alive in good heart, mind, body and spirit. I have no idea when I will pass away, but I sure want to be fit like a fiddle, have my sense of humor, enjoy my days  while I exist.

I am surrounded by beautiful nature, spring is in the air. I so much want to paint now. I love taking pictures, but I believe painting could be so relaxing, to get away from daily life. I want to paint just for myself, just for the fun of it.

Art can be a form of meditation. Meditation might not be the only option for everyone. I had all these thoughts running in my brain as I was thinking what to write on today blog. As I went for my run, I would stop every once in a while and take pictures. Fresh from rains, the park looked so clean and beautiful. All these amazing shades of green around me are so captivating.

So I stopped to take another picture and then I found myself talking to a stranger about why I like taking pictures. Then he says he is from NBC and he wants to interview me and he did. Me with no makeup, sweaty, oily face talking about solitary meditative walk. I was still taking  more pictures as we talked. The crew said they are from NBCbayareanews, so watch me on NBC bay area news tonight at 5pm – 8 pm 🙂


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