Career transition….

As the world celebrated international women’s day recently  i thought i will share my  view on my career and how it has changed over the years, for good.

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things said Peter Drucker. One must make sure to follow what one learns at the school of management. I was just talking to my beautiful girl friend.  My friend and i share a lot of idealism on how we want our careers to be.

I am in career transition at the moment. I said to my friend what ever i do I want to do something authentic. I don’t want to cheat, steal, rob people off. I had this horrid experience a while back to come across some one that had absolutely no ethics. Here was a lesson i learnt out of the experience, I am not in a position to share the details since the case is still pending verdict. I need to be extra cautious who I work with.  I have also learnt no matter how hard one tries to break me, I will not change my idealism and why should I? If i had to quit my job and go job less for six month so be it. I  feel good, I feel very good that i didn’t bend backwards to the level of harming anyone financially. I am always watching myself. How I do, what I do is going to have long-term impact on my children. Nothing is more important to me, than to teach my sons to be ethical, to be good citizens of United States of America. I am so proud of my mother teaching me to stay strong and let go of every thing if I had to, believe in myself and do the right thing. Always pay attention and  listen to the voice inside me for guidance and do the right thing. Bottom line is today that person is in prison and I am at home with my family. Karma comes back. Am I afraid of sin? the answer is yes, “Thou shalt not steal”.

At the end of the day making money just for the sake of making money is absolutely not important to me at all. I love humanity way too much, with all my naivety, I truly believe we are all one, and in no way I am going to harm others. Having lived a good ethical life, having been a good mother, giving my best to my family and leaving this world with that satisfaction is absolutely important to me, than money, business, power, large social life and to be popular. I truly believe practicing meditation gives me more clarity on what I want to do and makes me really stay focused and stay strong to make right choices. I love this quote by Nelson Mandela “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership. By the way if you do have a good job offer in mind please do contact me 🙂

God Bless America! Jai Hind!

You have a happy weekend!


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