When I thought of enthusiasm this morning, which I wasn’t really feeling, to tell you the truth.  I thought of  Steve Irwin,  the enthusiastic “Crocodile Hunter, full of zest, passion and excitement for life. It got me started.  I need to do something about getting rid of the blues I was feeling.  Well! the least I could do is, to try.

If you are like me, determined to keep happy and positive thoughts, want to wake up every morning, looking forward to the day, get excited about it. Of course it is not going to happen without some effort. And it is not easy at the end of the day, when we find “NO” as an answer to things we want to do during the day. So what do you do? I might play my favorite dynamic, “crazy” song to get me up in to a better mood. This is almost instant, but for some reason, it always works for me. 


Or pick a poem to read like the one blow.

One’s excitement when facing any challenge must be sincere
his state of mind cannot be overcome by skepticism or fear
Confidence must take over all doubtful emotions and uncertainty
Because full commitment and belief leads to a successful bounty.

 The greatest motivation is when leading by example and enthusiasm
A sensible sample of a leadership role without any sarcasm
Exhibit an infectious interest and loyalty to the task at hand                   
While winning support and entry into a higher echelon’s dreamland

Remember to always keep it light at heart and heavy on focus
Set your eyes on the price, and use human resource as your canvas
For most times it takes multiple hands and heads to start any motions
And enthusiasm is the way to trigger people’s instinctive emotions.
– Enthusiasm: Poem By Sana Baldeh.

 Inside me there is a little girl, she is probably seven or eight years old, spent all days feeling extremely happy, excited about life and always felt  loved by her family. She always finds ways to have pockets of Joy and get excited about life even when things do not go right.  I better get going soon but before I leave now,  it is your turn to speak…..




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