Be happy and smile,
Sadness has gone out of style.
Show those teeth for a while.

Be happy let everyone see,
That you defy sadness and welcome glee.
Bounce along let people see.

Be happy whistle a tune,
From early morning till way past noon.
Until you see the rising moon.

Be happy and start a trend,
And then all hearts will start to mend.
Make everyone you see your friend.

Poems by Juan Olivarez

Inspiring poem isn’t it? I often visit  intent  blog page created by Mallika Chopra , write my intents, after a couple of years visiting the page every once in a while, I kept thinking,  what is it I really want on a consistent basis all the time? what would my one intent be that’s always present with in me ? So I asked myself often during the time of meditation when my mind is clear, asking, waiting for an answer and here is what i got one day. I  now know,  it is clear,  this is going to be my intent, I anchor upon waking up every morning.

“It is my dominant intent to feel HAPPY, feel well, feel good, feel peaceful, feel JOYFUL, all day long, every single day for the rest of my life”.

                               Have a Happy day today!!!


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