Navavarṣasya śubhāśayāḥ! Happy New Year!

Beyond the point where the rivers
End and the mountains vanish
You have kept on walking
Originally the treasure lies
Just under one’s feet
You made the mistake of thinking
That now you would be able
To retire in peace
Look: in your own hut the
Meditation mat has never been warm. – Muso Soseki.

2001: Got “Sidhayoga deekasha” ..not sure if I want to be a yogi….well! I can just try …meditate for sure… get out of the country. Loved reading “You can heal your life” Louise Hay from NZ library….perfect timing. I realize I seem to enjoy and love meditation 🙂

2002: Eat, Pry, Play and love an American 🙂 Live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it. I love meditation 🙂

2003: Extended eat, pray, play and love an American. If Puranam becomes Bauerle then Wes becomes Venkat. Wes liked his Indian name as much as he likes butter chicken. Live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it. I love meditation 🙂

2004: To have a baby or not to have a baby….to go to America or not to go to America…. I sure love meditation 🙂

2005: Stay home, be Mom, love the baby. See California. eat American, live American, sleep American, wake up American 🙂 I love meditation 🙂. I realize now if you put me in Alaska or North Pole make me eat just raw fish, I will do all that and still love meditation.

2006: Where did my career ambition go? Got a copy of “The seven spiritual laws of success”  again… to re read…live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it. I enjoy and love meditation 🙂

2007: Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of now”, live in the moment is amazing, blissful…will practice till the end… We live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it. I love meditation I am very sure of it..i guess 🙂

2008:  Go with the flow…live in the moment…. Loved reading “I am that” by Nisargadatta Maharaj again… We still live summer’s on the beach, because my boys love it. I guess one thing i will always  love and enjoy is…you guessed it right  “meditation” 🙂

2009: Recession, This year is amazing! A whole bunch of miracles! I never realized how blessed I am to have these amazing wonderful friends. Almighty! do you hear me? please bless all my friends, family and well wishers. Abraham Hicks “the law of attraction” is amazing…. live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it, now this is family tradition i guess….. I love my meditation time 🙂

2010: Recession still… blessed to work with some amazing, wonderful people. Himmi goes to Berkeley. Loved reading “Zen mind Beginner’s mind” a whole bunch of times…. Live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it….I admit I really  love meditation 🙂

2011: Where to from here?.No goals…go with the flow…live in the moment…make peace with the moment…have an ordinary day (I love Zen philosophy) looking forward to live summer’s on the beach, my boys love it, it’s a family tradition now 🙂 I am meditation and meditation is me we are inseparable now and so I love meditation.

Wait! I am not done yet!…take just few  moments, close your eyes…just relax…breath…. forgive everyone that hurt you, might have hurt, forgive them truly with your heart…let it go… Pry ask everyone for forgiveness…It feels wonderful, clean, clear….Doesn’t it? feels fresh…feels amazing…Now we are ready to bless every one with all the things that we want  in life…So bless every one with pure, divine  love in heart, to have  peace, prosperity, wealth, riches,love, joy, health, happiness, harmony, balance and bless in ever-increasing abundance! A very Happy New year 2011 Folks!Have a Happy Meditation day!

Love & Peace,



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