Precious Zen moments…

Happy Holidays every one! I look forward to holidays and spending quality time with my family at this time of the year, like everyone else. Reading books is one of the things my older son and I enjoy. We enjoy talking about books.  He recommends books to me to read and I do the same to him. The other day we decided to go thrift store shopping for books. I buy a lot of books at Goodwill now.  I keep them for a period of time; take my own time to read. I then donate them back to Goodwill. I am trying to get into the habit of recycling, getting into the habit of minimalist I suppose. In the beginning I had hard time parting with my book collection. And now I am a bit obsessed over becoming a clutter free, minimalist.

Anyways recently my son and I enjoyed a long afternoon driving around, finding books and just talking. He noticed that some of the books I am buying and collecting are for my little fellow. I am trying to get my younger son into the habit of reading. As my older son remembers it, one of the teaching techniques I follow is simple role play. He is the teacher and I am the student. We come up with a fixed schedule to read every day and stick to it. He would be reading a book aloud and I sit there listening and asking questions.  I am glad he remembers the times we spent together reading. And now, for the year 2011, I am going to use the same teaching technique with my younger son. My little one and I are going to enjoy quality time together by getting into the habit of reading, writing, learning, sharing techniques in learning, scheming and envisioning what we want to be, to do in future.

Turn off the noise of world around you for an hour every day. Turn of all electronics, TV’s, computers, mobiles; stop all the distractions just sit down with your child and focus on reading, talking and playing. Have Zen moments everyday with your child because he is a precious being and needs your full complete attention.

“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”-Zen Proverb.


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