The Fantasy lights Holiday Train.

Happy holidays everyone! We had a fascinating day for my younger son recently. We love outdoors, thrill and adventure. We love trains, we love Thomas the tank engine and we love our favorite train engine Billy Jones at Vasona Park.

The other day we went there on a morning and we got a pleasant surprise. There was an Angel “George” happens to be very kind to give us one of its kind guided tour. We enjoyed looking and learning more about all the engines at the yard. None of the presents we got for Christmas were as thrilling and fun as getting to see real engine yard, checking the engines, feeling like an Engineer to fix trains and ringing the bell for a real engine like Billy Jones. We marveled the engines, some were built way back  in 1920’s.

We took George’s advice to go back later in the night, to go on wonderful fantasy lights holiday train. It was so beautiful and magical. Here is a link, to learn some more on Billy Jones”

It feels amazing to have five-year old friend. It just feels so awesome when he tells you “you are his best friend’. We can’t wait for the New Year; it’s going to be so much fun ……more surprise adventures to look forward to…Happy Holidays once again! Enjoy! Have fun!


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