We all want instant success…Social Pressure. Part -3.

1)      Focus on getting healthy and keeping fit and not on losing weight. So talk to everyone around you on eating healthy, working out and getting fit. Read interesting well written books on the topic. I am currently reading “French Women Don’t get Fat” by Mireille Guiliani.

2)      You can choose to have smaller meals. Portion size matters.

3)      Do not eat anything in between the meals. You can have a cup of green tea. Simply refuse to snack if you are offered.

4)       Be very consistent on 10-20 minutes meditation a day to begin with and be absolutely resilient about working out for half an hour every day.

5) make a promise to  yourself, not to criticize yourself. Do not beat yourself up. If you fail for a day or two or a week. Do not make fun of yourself, do not belittle yourself. Be very kind, loving, sensitive, tender and caring to yourself. Treat yourself just the way you treat your five-year old son. You love him, hug him, give him one hundred and ten good night kisses and if he wants one hundred and thirteen or twenty-three, you just do it. Don’t you?  What I am trying to say here is be extraordinarily kind, patient and loving to you. Treat yourself like a gentle, cute little baby. This is one of the keys to be successful in forming new habits. Apart from Positive thinking and  positive attitude, being kind to self matters.

To be continued…


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