We all want instant success…Social Pressure. Part -2.

I like the way Bruce Lee said “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine”.  Getting into size two will never be my goal. My goal is to get very healthy, maintain healthy weight and be energetic during the day.  As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I figured a way to maintain healthy body weight. We all want an instant success; I have got to tell you, there is no such a thing as instant success in getting back into shape. What I mention below works for me, took me three years, to gradually get back to my normal body also loosing almost 30 pounds. The sure thing is, almost flat tummy is achievable even after a couple of C- section surgeries and there is hope if you are kind and patient with yourself. Just be focused, be persistent in your goal to achieve and maintain desirable healthy body weight.

1) Do not make this as New Year resolution. The reason is simply because the pressure of failure makes you quit.

2) It works better if you consider this as forming a few new healthy habits and not as a single goal for weight loss.

3)  I mentioned habits because a lot of existing habits need to be modified or completely changed in the process. Things such as watching what you eat, mastering how to say an assertive “no” gently and politely, working out for half an hour every day, to name a few.

4) Please do not have more than one personal goal. One step at a time. If your new goal is to learn to Salsa dance then you cannot be learning yoga, knitting, becoming vegan and a whole bunch of other stuff at the same time. That would just overwhelm me and I would lose control of one main purpose.The one new habit that we want to focus upon and acquire is maintaining good shape and a healthy body-weight.

5) Do not check your weight every month, check every 6 months. Get rid of the scale.

To be continued….


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