The art of chilling out starts with Meditation. Part-11.


What do you want for Christmas? My five-year old asked this morning.

Ans: A hug.

What present do you want for Christmas?

Ans:A kiss. toys do you want mom?

Ans: I already have two toys one is happiness

Now he  interrupted and said the other is joy, light of your life…I am not talking about that… 🙂

I said I guess I must be special I have it all..I don’t see the need to want something for Christmas….

Wait a minute  I must be getting old, ancient 🙂

For some reason Marcus Aurelius quote “confine yourself to the present” flashed in my mind. Have you heard of his book “Meditations”? It must be the first self-help sort of book I suppose. Here is something that I like from the book “All things fade into the storied past, and in a little while are shrouded in oblivion. Even to men whose lives were a blaze of glory this comes to pass; as to the rest, the breath is hardly out of them before, in Homer’s words, they are ‘lost to sight alike and hearsay’…To what, then, must we aspire? This, and this alone: the just thought, the unselfish act, the tongue that utters no falsehood, the temper that greets each passing event as something predestined, expected, and emanating from the One source and origin.

Have a happy meditation day folks!


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