Share with me what made you smile today? December 10th 2010.

1)      Lol, a hilarious day. My cousin started it with a Mr. Bean’s picture on Face book. We ended up watching a bunch of Mr Bean videos, just laughing and having so much fun today!

2)      Growing up with big brothers teaches wonderful things to handle life. One of those is to take things easy and the other one is to laugh at silly, stupid jokes and enjoy. I have so much fun with my boys right now.

3)      lol, laughing all day long, check this out.

4)      Leaving silly messages to my friends on Face book is so much fun 🙂

5)      Today is one of those best days 🙂

6)      I think I am very close to finding “Happiness” in small and silly things. I am almost close to ultimate Nirvana. Wait a minute I think I found Nirvana.   Just kidding 🙂

7)      Astrix and Obelix comics.

8)      Painting on the computer with my son. We take turns to paint and I ruin it, he fixes it. He can use paint better than me J having a five-year old around is the ultimate fun.

9)      Getting out for lunch and some cool fun with a friend.

10)   I am showered by affection from my little guy because I got a tiny cut one of my fingers. He said “ It’s ok don’t worry, it was an  accident, mammy’s need to be very careful ,not to cut their cute little fingers, he went and got a band-aid, gave me thirteen kisses and said rest and do not get out of bed. Life is beautiful. Thank you Almighty! And all my guardian Angels!

This is one of those nice and easy days. Dear reader share with me what made you smile today.


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