Resilience is common strength, among us mothers. We fight a good fight for survival. My son calls me a feminist, I tell him not to label me I am just another humanist, struggling for my survival. I am emotional by nature; often find myself walking on a tight rope watching India from one side and USA on the other side. I am sure this is the case for most of us, Desi Indians, emigrated to US.

This week we lost a wonderful mother, a resilient spirit, Elizabeth Edwards. It was in news worldwide, bringing awareness on her struggle with Cancer, loss of son and other  significant events in her life. Motherhood is universal. All mothers out there, we meet, start a conversation and hit the ground within few minutes. We talk about our children and exchange tips and tricks on parenting. And so I talked about of Elizabeth Edwards, to all I met. You can read more about her here.

You see I am a girl from a small and ordinary townGadwal”,  India, 509125.   My  heart  aches, I cry and mourn, silently at the lose  my American role Model, resilient  mother Elizabeth Edwards,  I cry with a similar heart ache, for all those  resilient mothers, women, sisters, in today’s case unwanted widow’s of “Vrindavan” in India. The only difference, I am in a better situation today is because of the strength of my mother, persuading me to continue my education for a better life and my Grandmother enduring hardship to raise her children, to provide education and support. Most of us Desi’s have these common stories to look back. These are ordinary stories, simple stories of true leadership. Our mothers, our parents, have endured turbulent times, times of hardship with shear inner strength. Their love for the children is extraordinary. There are extraordinary stories of “Resilience” behind every ordinary H1b Immigrant, these need to be shared, in order to answer often asked questions; why does one finds older parents walking along with younger Indians at the great Mall all the time?

All these ordinary women and famous women and we mothers have a common strength” Resilience”. To -day’s blog is in honor of all those mothers, fathers,committed parents,  that truly sacrifice their lives, overcome obstacles by the power of Resilience.


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