Ten things I am grateful for right now, at the moment, today: 12.08.2010

1)      A phone call, from a wonderful friend, met fifteen years ago. That is just what I needed to-day.

2)      Rain. I love rainy days. They remind me of India, Gadwal, precisely.  Memories of Mother giving us fresh, hot, roasting peanuts and “Jaggery” to go with it.

3)      Making new contacts in LinkedIn and Face book today. Meeting new people always excites me. I learn so much from others.

4)      Angels that are around me in human form :-). Almighty bless them.

5)      Wonderful friends on Face book.

6)      My younger son’s smile, a big hug and “I love my mammy” simply for no reason this evening, absolutely made my day. Simply being around Innocent children is like living in heaven. I love children.

7)      Emails from friends and family. Always a welcome 🙂

8)      My younger son’s school report says “he has a great sense of passion for learning and curiosity in science and reading.” This was pretty much the older son’s report used to say. The Indian thing 🙂

9)      A cup of tea and a chance to watch falling rain drops in peace and quiet. Absolutely relaxing.

10)   Glad I am an optimist and I still have strength to-day to look at the brighter side of the day. Almighty! makes it happen for me.

Dear Reader, It’s about time to share your thoughts ………


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