Yoga and meditation should not be sold, they need to be shared.

Yoga and meditation should not be sold, they need to be shared. That is how it was in India.We are in the midst of calamity with hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans, exhausted unemployment benefits, under high stress, sick and without insurance. We have Millions of people out there all over the world, suffering with depression, anxiety and disease with no medical benefits to cover. And a whole lot more in India suffering with anxiety and stress with new commercialized, capitalistic economy. Here is a situation that needs to be addressed, which requires long-term help and that should come for free.

It is well-known, that yoga and meditation have wonderful health benefits. The truth is Yoga and meditation were shared,  knowledge that was passed on from a Teacher (Guru) to students for free. I wish it was just that way. I am talking here specific to meditation, which is of interest to me.

Why Do I say this? Because this is just what I thought, when volunteered for a half an hour meditation a day session, back then in 2008, for a corporation I was working at. Ramana maharshi said “The conception that there is a goal and a path to it is wrong.   We are the goal or peace always. To get rid of the notion that we are not peace is all that is required”. In meditation there is no purpose, no goal to reach, I just had an urge/calling to do it, I said to the human resources Prime. I know, they too thought I was weird 🙂 Just kidding.  Since it was free and something that takes half an hour a day and helps with stress reduction they said yes, go for it.  The beauty of it was there is nothing to preach, nothing to teach, nothing to talk really, be in silence and just breath, literally sitting there for half an hour and doing nothing. All I had to do was just show up every day. That is something I am good at. And that is exactly what I did. I just showed up at the spot every day. Sat there for half hour and I am done. Some times that is exactly what we need, person to person, one human to another human, we just need to facilitate. The truth of the matter is, all those attended the session, were keeping me on the path. We are all beginners anyway. If you happen to read “Zen mind beginners mind” it sort of confirms just that. I make mistakes, made so many mistakes, about to do more mistakes in the future, I cannot stick to schedules, How about lets us just make  this clear, I am definitely not here to teach or preach, the thought it self makes me nervous 🙂  I am here to share the true benefits of meditation, as I experience them first hand.  I try to be on the path, as Ram Krishna Parama Hansa wisely said “One does not know when or how God will reveal Himself”.


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