Social Pressure. Part -1.

We are all under social pressure, to behave a certain way, maintaining body weight is probably the most talked about issue. I am no exception; I too get into this social pressure on my weight gain, often in subtle signals.  It is alright, to just to be the way we are, do not take too much of this social pressure to your heart. Excuse me…. are you kidding? you must be thinking. Wait until you hear what i have to say 🙂

Meditation helps. How does meditation help in maintaining body weight?  Here is how. Clarity is important to change an existing condition, like weight gain. Why do we want to change? What we want to change? How we want to incorporate this change in our day-to-day life? How patient and prepared we are with ourselves? One comes up with a lot of questions.

“What I believe, according to my own experience, is that a calm, peaceful mind is a very important element for sustaining the body in a balanced way”, these words are from His Holiness Dalai Lama. Spending time with oneself, in solitude provides that clarity. I believe self-analysis, self -assessment, clearly knowing and understanding who we are, these are important in the long run, to have a hold over maintaining ideal body weight. It is empowering, to just be yourself, feel confident about yourself no matter what the current external situation you are in now. It makes it easier if we start with a I feel good about myself attitude to I will slowly improve myself to a better condition. Meditation helped me immensely with just that. Aaccepting all my imperfections, body weight, eye glasses, of course I am still conscious of it, bad hearing, large ears …I know the list goes on and on… I am still aware of all these  imperfections, but I am at peace with it. I am not going to be mad at myself for all the imperfections or the aging. Yah! I just had my birthday.  I don’t get it why I have to worry about getting old and being forty-two.

Dr Wayne Dyer says “Instead, what you want to do is get to a place where you are at peace” this is essential in our case here. Make peace with yourself, where you are at now, whatever condition you are in and then try to make changes with ease and slow, change with one habit at a time. Be very consistent, be resilient about keeping your half an hour workout schedule every day, advertize to everyone that you have made this new change. Nieces, nephews, young cousins, family, out there in India and rest of the world, maintaining idol body weight is always talked about. Writing about it and reading is one thing, but talking about it, makes one so self conscious..I know. You see we are very sensitive creatures by nature, want to please family, friends and everyone around.

Well! I sort of figured out a way to handle weight gain….

To be continued


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