The art of chilling out starts with Meditation. Part –10.

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”- Buddha.

I wanted to share few thoughts on meditation and achievement. I admit I was reluctant and fearful to practice meditation. That was almost ten years ago.  I was about to finish my MBA, ambitious, wanted to study and educate myself more, earn more, with a  do whatever it takes to achieve success in life, mind-set. I grew up with “I need to do better than my brothers” syndrome. I was worried; I might get too much into meditation and forget the rest.

When I met Haribhauiji Maharaj, I expressed all these concerns. I did not mind practicing meditation, but I didn’t want to be a “yogi” of any sort. I was concerned, I might neglect family, work, I had a list. Gurudev, is  soft-spoken and kind. He answered all my concerns with clarity and example. First,  he works, has a full-time job, has family, his son is studying to become an engineer, very  much a normal life, just like the rest of us, except he practices meditation and provides meditation sessions during the weekends.

What amazes me is, it is truly the case. One can have a regular normal life; prioritize, achieve new goals, successful career, whatever they have in mind with clarity, flexibility, ease and joy. My priority is clear, practice meditation half an hour every day, do my best being a mother, then career, then rest of the world. Did I have goals for this year? Yes! My goal was, still is workout every day, feel energetic and healthy. I have been successful doing it so far. Meditation and self-discipline go hand in hand, without discipline one cannot learn a new habit. Meditation also helps in being flexible and going with the flow with ease. My goal was I have to work out for minimum half an hour maximum 45 minutes every day. It could be simple stretches, yoga, long walk,climb steps, simple, easy, flexible, involving outdoor and indoor activities. I will have to blog about this topic another time. Anyway, I would give meditation hundred percent credit for all that I could do and not missing more than two days in a month for this year. Did you just realize how crazy I am about meditation? Well then! Have a happy meditation day today.

Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God. ~ Diana Robinson.


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