Precious presents, memories, family and Christmas!

The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.-J. Krishnamurti.

I saved some precious memories, moments in my memory. When I am sad, I go back there, check out the list in my mind, feel special, loved and try to get out of my blues 🙂 There are many to the list, just a few, I share here…

1.      The toys my father asked his friends and family to bring for me, from far of places for my toy collection. One of those was a set of lions with a daddy lion  and two cubs.

2.      My father also gave me my first Santa Claus, a toy savings bank. He  told me a brief story about  Santa and  Christmas. Back then, I was too little to understand other faiths and religions, let alone my own faith.

3.      My mother stitching me a bright pink long skirt with sparkles on it. It almost took her half-year to make this hand stitched, intricate sparkle design skirt. I loved it and I wouldn’t let go of it from my closet for the next ten years.

4.      My favorite Aunt taking months to teach me to and help me to make my school bag with fine, natural, organic, jute fiber.

5.      My  brother giving me piggy back rides, taking me back home in the dark winter nights from my music class, every times i asked. Some times he would wait for a few seconds and volunteer to give a piggy back ride 🙂

Having precious family memories is one thing but feeling loved by friends in a strange new country and feeling at home is another, don’t you agree? Isn’t this true that sometimes love comes in abundance from the most unexpected places. You just have to open your heart, mind and soul to be ready to receive it?

6.      I couldn’t stop thinking, how special I felt when my best friend in New Zealand, gave me a small set of traditional Paua ear rings.

7.      A very dear American friend gave me a large silver pendent, a cross, we found in Wellington, NZ. Well! We found it went to the closest store and asked them to return it to the owner, if someone comes looking for it. No one showed up to collect it so a few days later they called us and said it belongs to us now. That was the first cross I have collected that was the first year I celebrated Christmas.

8.      My precious older son making a surprise “Mother’s day card” for me.

9.      Someone dear to me, sent me a Christmas present, a very simple set of oven mats, her own hand-made, true American made, precious presents with love. That was my best Christmas present, I loved it. I have never felt such warmth and love, never expected to be received with so much love in a strange country. Almighty and America have been good to me.

Share with me your precious memories, you cherish, that can get you out of your winter blues


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