The art of chilling out starts with Meditation. Part – 9.

Freud called it “the problem of everyday unhappiness,” we all have it relatively in some percentage. If unattended with preventive care, it becomes into worry, stress, anxiety, mood disorder,  panic attack, weight gain if you eat for comfort to control anxiety and to chronic depression.  I have seen it all in the people around me and I am no exception to it. I myself have experienced all these to certain extent until I have experienced firsthand the benefits of meditation. And now I am determined to spread the word. Meditation can be an effective way to prevent “the problem of everyday unhappiness,”

So, we have been interacting for a while now. Dear reader did you find out when is the next meditation class you are going to start?  Are you planning to take 21 days challenge to start this new habit? Is this going to be your New Year resolution for 2012?

I have not been recommending any particular path or practice of meditation. I do not want to do that. What works for me may not work for you. As such I was introduced to meditation by a friend way back when I was just sixteen and it was Paramahansa Yogananda’s “self realization” path. At that time I was turned down for initiation since they said one had to be eighteen. Later on I used to attend regular Satsang at a center for “ Radha Soami Satsang- Beas” but never got a chance to get initiation from Mahrajji. I had breaks in between and never really had a chance to get what you call initiation from a profound master for a long time. That only happened about ten years ago when I met Sri Haribhau Joshi Maharaj. He introduced me into “shaktipath” meditation. So the bottom line is, do what you need to do as a first step today. Find out which is the closest meditation center that offers a class and just go ahead and enroll yourself. Write a journal on your experiences. I have come to the realization now, that  practicing meditation is a lifelong affair 🙂 Once you get a feel for it you just can’t quit.


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