The art of chilling out starts with Meditation.Part-8.

It takes more effort to feel happy and optimistic when we hit the middle of the week. Of course meditation in the morning helps, it’s a good start.  “Semi-solitude” is another favorite practice of mine. Just for few hours; let us say from 5pm to rest of the evening. “Semi solitude” meaning I close my Laptop, I won’t answer my phone calls, I don’t watch TV or no such a thing. I completely turn off the electronic media but I am there fully present, I will listen and pay full attention to my boys if they want to talk to me about something. I might once in a while have a relaxing music in the back ground but still do nothing. If a neighbors knocks on the door I politely say let’s talk tomorrow. I deliberately make space. There is absolutely no noise and I am doing nothing. Both my boys love it when I do this in the middle of the week. My teenage son would not like to disturb me if I am doing something and he is always very busy doing something else. For some reason when he notices everything is quiet and I am not doing anything he slowly starts the conversation. These are probably some of the best times and best conversation we ever had. And so I decided I will practice semi-solitude more often. It seem to keep my anxiety under control, brings a sense of peace, purpose and serenity to the evenings after a busy day. Family is important. If not for practicing “semi-solitude” it would be highly impossible for me to have this bond, strong connection, warm and friendly conversations with my teenage son. My boys, by habit need a lot of quiet space and with me just being there if they need to talk. Each time I practice “semi solitude” I get complements from my boys. Try it out. If you are already practicing it share your story with me. Nothing is more important than we feel good. The ripple effect is clearly seen on happy smiles of our children.

We visit others as a matter of social obligation.  How long has it been since we have visited with ourselves?  ~Morris Adler.


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