Share with me what made you smile today? November 15th 2010.

Here is a list of few things that made me smile in the last twenty-four hours. Dear Reader! Share with me what made you smile today?

  1. Lot’s of smiles and giggles from parents and children when we met again at school after four day’s break.
  2. Call from a friend checking to see how I am doing.
  3. The day has been with lot of smiles and a lot of good calls. Making new professional contacts is always good. Job market is definitely open 🙂
  4. Smiled at the thought of Brian Tracy’s reminder, a  mantra  to me “get back to work” from the book “Eat that frog”. It works well with me in getting things done. I am a fan of Brian Tracy by the way. Check out his web page and get his free e-book on goals. I like the book.
  5. I smiled at myself, because I know some parts of me take a long time to change. The one track mind of mine get’s so focused on getting things done and checking the list, I almost forgot picking up my son from school until the last-minute.
  6. Excited! I can’t wait to be on Mars. If things permit 🙂 I would be the first in line to go to Mars with no chance to return. My imagination is rampant at the thought of challenge, risk and something exotic as landing on Mars. Well!  I have survived so far, fine and dandy why not to Mars? Just kidding 🙂
  7. Blog viewer’s number is growing 🙂
  8. My son and I are so excited because we could sit still and finish up writing  “One Hundred“. Of course we made up a song and danced to celebrate 🙂
  9. Negotiating with a stubborn and independent, five-year old, making him to sit still and write for an hour is as exciting and challenging  as opening a new sales lead and closing it successfully. Both require strategy, patience, resilience and constant effort.  I seem to enjoy both equally 🙂
  10. I am happy, smiling and at my best when we are doing homework every evening. “School teacher Radha ” is one of my favorite Avatars.

Share with me what made you smile today? I can’t wait to see 🙂


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