Share with me, what made you smile today? November 13th 2010

Here is a list of few things that made me smile in the last twenty-four hours. Share with me what made you smile today?

1) MacDonald coffee for breakfast. For some reason I prefer MacDonald coffee over Star bucks.

2) Eating hash browns for breakfast, forget about diet over the weekends.

3) Watching a tiny white butterfly on the trail and showing it to my son.

4)  My son and I deliberately stopping our walk/bike ride to watch a leave fall from the tree and feel amazed.

5) The memories of me as a five year’s old little girl sitting on my Dad’s bike and going all the way “Krishna river street” to visit my Dad’s favorite “Hanuman” temple.

6) Watching the fall colors at the trail.

7) Feeling the cool winter breeze followed by warmth of the sun.

8)  When my son said wow! Mom “look at the dog’s mommy running so fast” to the women that had a couple of dogs running along with her.

9)  When I said to my son a few minutes later Hey look at Dog’s daddy running so fast he screamed “No” he is not dogs daddy he is a guy and laughter when I pointed he called the women with dogs as dog’s mommy.

10) When my son said I am doing a good job while helping him in his airplane project.

11) Enjoying the luxury of reading my book in the after noon and falling  asleep and  in peace and quiet when my son came and kissed and said go to sleep mommy. Yah! he still sings “go to sleep my dear mommy” song once in a while when  he is all lovey, which is very often by the way.

12)   Finding mail in my mail box.

13) I like to recollect the things that made me happy during the day at the end of the day just before I go to bed,  smile again and to take happy thoughts to my sleep.

Dear reader! Share with me what made you smile today?


5 thoughts on “Share with me, what made you smile today? November 13th 2010

      1. * Seeing a tui swoop across the path in front of me
        * Hearing a wood pigeon (possibly) in the bush whilst walking
        * Sharing some beers and pizza with some workmates
        * Feeling the sun beating down on my skin
        * Smelling the freshly cut grass
        * Feeling hot and tired after mowing the lawns, and feeling happy with the job done
        * Eating some delicious cupcakes that were made for me
        * Receiving some beautiful vases
        I am sure there may have been more things that made me smile… fact there are more, but that’s enough for now 😀

  1. Radhika,
    There is such beauty in simplicity. Thanks for sharing those moments in your life that warmed your heart and to all who read your words. Memories are woven together into a pattern of our own creation. Namaste !

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