The Art of feeling good, feeling well! Part-1.

We all want to feel well; we want to feel good, feel happy every day.  I am absolutely thrilled about being forty-two and finally finding my way to keep myself in a happy mood most of the time. We are all givers, essentially we are all very generous people we want to give away stuff. We want to make others around us feel well, feel happy and comfortable because it makes us happy.

I read Deepak Chopraji’s “Seven Spiritual laws”. And loved the concept “the law of giving”. I thought I will practice it for a while. It sounded very simple and profound.  I used to write words: caring, attention, affection, appreciation, love on my palm and intentionally practice to respond to others that way. Then a few months later  I went back to re read, which I often do with all the books that I purchase I had another idea I thought how about I offer a silent prayer to everyone I meet like in the law of giving. This I took as a New Year’s goal and practiced in 2007-2008.The thought that I can give/offer to something like a blessing to any random stranger,  without even them knowing it, felt nice. O ‘Boy! It feels so good each time when I do that even now. I am a fan of Deepak Chopra by the way. I happen to read “The seven Spiritual Laws” several times.  I have provided the link to it below.

Here is a story for you. Each time we stopped at the red light stop sign, I would thank Almighty and offer a silent prayer to all the folks and each time we stop my companion would be fuming and cussing to get his frustration out and then would stop and look at me to make sure if I offered blessings.  I reminded him, that he is very much involved each time, he is blessing and praying for the people as much as I am and may be more. It is the intention that counts. I said I might be praying for the safety and happiness of these people, but these are your people. If there is a real accident I know you would be the first to stop the car, park somewhere safe and jump out and get yourself involved, do all that you need to do to take care of them.   This is the American spirit I admire and adore. I find majority of Americans more evolved, enlightened to see oneness in all people and very generous and willing to help others in need.

To be continued…

“Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted.” Deepak Chopra.


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