The art of chillingout starts with Meditation Part – 3.

I have never imagined myself writing, let alone write on meditation.  Isn’t this journey of self discovery is amazing and full of surprises? You never know how the life path unfolds. I am encouraged to write by the amount of freedom America offers. I would have never expressed myself with such freedom while I was in India. I love my country do not get me wrong I still have my dear mother ( my first teacher)  living there. But I just respect and love my new-found freedom and the opportunities available here in United States.

A week ago I had two major challenging events in the same week. I was sort of prepared for one of them and the other one was a bit of a surprise. What do you do when you are a working mom with two lovely boys in a country you made it as home for the past five years; find yourself alone in the middle of two very challenging situations? Just walk to the nearest park sit in open space, on a bench surrounded by beautiful tall trees, fresh cool breeze and meditate clear your thoughts and ask almighty for guidance on how to respond to this tough situation.  Meditation helps me immensely to get clear thinking in a difficult situation. It is one of the reasons I like meditation. Do I do meditation for some gain?  The answer is an absolute no.  My meditation teacher in India instructed me to practice meditation just for practice without looking for any gains.  I do believe that clear mind and clear thinking is one of the many gifts we receive by practicing meditation. Now if you are a busy parent like me trying to find a sort of balance between job search, family, new challenges and a five year old that wants’ to have fun. You bet! Doing meditation is going to enhance the quality of life in all these areas.  Nothing changes but our response to our life situation changes. You are not your temporary life situation; you are a sacred, eternal, never-ending, spiritual self. Mothers are like an Ocean that has a lot of activity on its surface but underneath it there is this stillness and knowing that everything is going to be alright in the end and this moment is perfect and so we make peace with wherever we are and choose to live completely in the moment and enjoy, feel happy, feel good.

“I love people. I love my family, my children… but inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up.” – Pearl S. Buck.


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