The art of chillingout starts with Meditation Part-2.

I believe all of us already are born with a know-how on meditate. It is the most natural, relaxed state of us, the state of our inner spiritual self. If we can just watch our mind that comes up with all kind of excuses why we cannot do meditation now and say no to our mind’s excuses and say yes and allow to our natural state of being, it is meditation. I can be walking and not thinking much of other things and allowing my mind to quiet and just enjoy the rhythm and flow of walking that can be walking meditation. I enjoy doing just this, once in a while. Whenever I get a chance I just walk to Las Gatos Creek trail with my five-year old the only condition is no talking at all and to watch to make sure to quiet his mind, just enjoy looking at the natural surroundings. Notice tiniest details like, fall colors around us, the clear blue sky, the silver clouds, the interesting shapes we might find in clouds, the birds and the chipmunks, listen to the chirping of birds and absolutely no rush in getting done with the walk, with no focus on reaching the finish line but just being there fully in the moment and enjoying everything around us, watching the tiny little detail with ease, being fully present and being a part of it. My five-year old loves it and is always ready for a nature walk even it if it is a three-mile walk.  I guess that is my way of introducing walking meditation to him. Check it out!

To be continued…


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