The art of chillingout starts with Meditation Part -1.

All of you are now convinced that I just love meditation. The other day I met someone talking about health issues and losing their health insurance soon due to spouse’s job lose kept me thinking how wonderful it is to know that all those Himalayan yogi’s that have learnt the art of meditation are super healthy and I am sure never require to see a doctor nor health insurance for that matter. The thought of sickness or seeing a doctor does not occur to me much at all nether I fall sick often nor do I take any regular medication. I do occasionally get a bit sick might take ibuprofen and take a couple of days rest, stay in bed in “savasana”, do my meditation. That’s  right when I get sick and decide I need to rest I take medicine and lay there in bed in savasana the most relaxed state and can go in to deep meditation. Who says you cannot meditate when you are sick?  When all it takes is to watch your breath and quiet your mind and get into a state of space, feel and enjoy the pure bless.  It helps me to focus on recovery and not on me being sick, weak and vulnerable. As we all know every cell in our body has an ability to regenerate, has immune system,  a natural defense mechanism against disease, all we got to do is be in the relaxed and restful meditative state and trust and allow our body to do its work.
Try it out! Nothing new, you might have done meditation before. Well! It is about time to make it into a habit and enjoy the benefits of being in excellent health and looking fabulous with a glow!

To be continued…


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