Hey there bayarea Desi! A very happy Diwali to all of you

Hey there bayarea Desi!  A very happy Diwali to all of you.

I am going to blog about  progressive desi and a pioneer desi i our very own bayarea desi’s right here. I have been observing bayarea desi’s for the past five years now. It is amazing to watch the entrepreneur spirit all around me. I marvel at the absolutely creativity desi technology professionals have and the amount of risk they take in bringing in their new ideas into the market. Silicon Valley has a different optimism; one good example that comes to my mind is attending Tie Con 2010. This was my very first time I have seen and experienced such optimism, high energy and brilliant new ideas from smart, savvy, high tech desi’s, even with elsewhere in American when there is all this talk about recession going on.

I will be writing more on day to day desi life here, as well as try to introduce new hip and happening people and events here in bayarea California as well as rest of America.

Let’s talk about finding your own Mallika sherawat   right here in bay area. Yes! That’s right folks.  We got to have fun in life. You might find a perfect date here at Prembandhan. Let’s go check it out! Life is supposed to be Fun!


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