I still feel like a tourist. Do all Desi’s feel that way?

Yesterday we went to pick a pumpkin my son as usual made friends with a bunch of kids, enjoyed the bouncy house and had a good time. This is the first time I went to pick a pumpkin because I guess we are going to celebrate Halloween in a big way. Well! whatever Johnny wants Johnny get’s it unless it is something impossible for me. I was standing there watching people and thinking I very much enjoy being here but the fact is I look at things like I am a visitor or a tourist of some sort and Johnny feels very much at home. It feels weird I am comfortable living in US but part of me observes things like a visiting tourist and responds but Johnny’s response is very different from mine. The Halloween celebration is the most natural thing to do as far as Johnny is concerned. He plans to have a Halloween party etc. This would be for the first time I will be carving a jack o lantern, donning a costume and going for trick or treating, for me this is so much out of my comfort zone but I am all for it. It’s going to be exciting fun! This reminds me of someone said to me a couple of years ago well Radha! You are a strange Indian if you have to go to Afghanistan you would be so very excited and say Yay! I get to wear burka and live in a mud hut and learn to speak Pashtu…I am an American I am not going to change like you do…All I know is change is what I see every day and I just go with the flow….






2 thoughts on “I still feel like a tourist. Do all Desi’s feel that way?

  1. I do agree with you. Our generation who have spent about 20-30 yrs. of their life in India before migrating to US still feel India as home where as for our kids US is home. Even if we celebrate Thanks Giving with Turkey, Halloween with pumpkin carving and Christmas with candles, candies and presents, we still wait so anxiously for Diwali, Navratri when we can dress up in Saree’s and treat with Kheer and Pudi. I always miss Diva’s and fire crackers in Diwali and Colors in Holi.

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