First week of school for Johnny at Rose Mary-Kindergarten!

It’s been a week since Johnny started kindergarten. This is one of a kind experience for me. School started on Monday on Tuesday he got into trouble at after school care because he is using adult language and bad words (this needs some investigation) and by Wednesday he did not like wearing uniform and did not like Himmi being away and through a fit. By Thursday Morning he got sick and refused to go to school we managed to go late to the school. And by Friday I had to convince him to go to school and promise to bring Himmi back which of course I did. With all this hungama there is something amazing about this kid in the evening when we have study time/homework time/I read- you read time he will sit still and write and read whatever I suggest him to do. After an hour or so if I say we are done he still wants to do some more learning which is awesome! I do have to mention here that we started home work schedule during last year/pre- school year, which I figured now got him into a regular evening home work  habit and routine. Of course we don’t have a TV at home which makes it easier and of course  no other distraction around the study area.

Johnny definitely has far more physical energy than I can cope and handle. I would love to hear from other parent’s experiences as to how they engage their hyper active children. Here is an example of what happened on Saturday. We got up early and went for almost four miles walk to watch sunrise at the nearby creek trial. We got back home for a short break and went to the park in the neighborhood spent almost a good three hours since he got hungry even after we had a big brunch. Now Johnny said he is hot and wanted to get into the pool and so we were at the pool for a couple of hours. Then it was almost time to drive Himmi back to Berkeley.  We get back home almost nine in the night and Johnny says Mammy now it is time for us to wrestle until I win. And he seriously means to have a fight. I am not sure how he can have all this energy. Johnny definitely is a lot more different than Himmi to deal with and of course he is very independent, has a clear opinion on everything and expresses his feelings and emotions very clearly like a little warrior. Nothing is calm and quiet here as you can guess. I do like the fact that he expresses himself very clearly.

There are bad days too like the other day when my five years old completely refused to cooperate in the morning and got me so frustrated. Each child is different and so this is going to be altogether a different journey. I guess I have signed up to take on this new challenge hope I can do well and be a good Mom. We all go through days when we feel can I do this? Don’t we?


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