The best gift you can give to your children and family is being alive in sound body, mind, spirit and finances. Don’t you agree?

Sometime back Himmi went on a vacation to pine mountain with his girlfriend’s family for a couple of days. When he can back he said mom you wouldn’t believe what happened. I said tell me more. He was on this vacation but would be up so early in the morning writing in his journal things he wants to do and such. He said mom I can see myself at forty getting up early probably doing meditation just like you do and going for a walk just like you do may be yoga just like you do and working hard just like how you work hard and watch what I eat just like you do. I said ok what is the bottom line here? He said something very funny you know I love my children already just like you do. I laughed. We will have to go back to a conversation Himmi and I had few months ago for some reason one day we were talking and I said Himmi I want you to know that I love you very much and I love all of your children and all of their children as well. If you ever get a chance someday make sure to tell them that their grandmother, great grandmother loves them very much. I want them to know that they are very much loved and are welcome to this planet earth and I am here waiting to see them. He Laughed and said I know I know don’t worry you are going to live up to more than hundred and see all that. So you see I better keep myself healthy, fit and strong to enjoy life to see them all. It takes work, Kaizen and I believe consistency is the key.

I told my son I truly believe that “the best gift a parent can give to their children is being live in sound body, mind, spirit and finances”. My role model, my mother is an amazing women I haven’t had a chance to see her in a long time but I do know she loves me very much and she takes excellent care of herself. She really does. This tiny 5′ tall woman has fantastic, healthy routine and I am very proud to share. She wakes up early every morning does her prayers for an hour and more. And then goes for a nice long walk. My Mother is a vegetarian and is very carefully watches what she eats and maintains a good routine in her eating and sleeping habits. These are very simple habits but she is very consistent as I have been watching her forty years now. She is extremely healthy, has a very positive and optimistic outlook for life, very smart planned her retirement very well. My mother is my strength. The truth is you can be thousands of miles far away but you are still the role model,  a major influence on your children and it feels awesome to have a happy strong, healthy parent that takes excellent care of herself/himself.

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

-Mother Teresa.


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